Stephanie S. Covington, PhD, LCSW
Stephanie S. Covington, PhD, LCSW, is an internationally recognized clinician, author, lecturer, and organizational consultant. She is noted for her pioneering work in gender-responsive and trauma-informed treatment services and is the author of numerous books and curricula for criminal justice including Beyond Violence and Helping Women Recover.
Jennifer Wheatley, MA,
Jennifer Wheatley is the Deputy Commissioner for Women at the Correctional Service Canada. Ms. Wheatley was formerly part of the Health Services Sector of the Correctional Service Canada where she held the position, Director General, Mental Health. She also held the position of Director General, Policy, Planning and Quality Improvement Branch, Health Services Sector. Ms. Wheatley began her career in the Public Service in 1999 as an investigator for the Canadian Human Rights Commission.
Jeanette Pai-Espinosa
Jeannette Pai-Espinosa is president of The National Crittenton Foundation; Chair of the National Foster Care Coalition; the co-Director of the National Girls Initiative – Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, for the U. S. Department of Justice. She has been recognized with the Robert F. Kennedy Embracing the Legacy award for her work supporting the empowerment of girls and young women in the child welfare and juvenile justice systems.
Meda Chesney-Lind, PhD
Meda Chesney-Lind, Ph.D. teaches Women’s Studies at the University of Hawaii. Nationally recognized for her work on women and crime, her testimony before Congress resulted in national support of gender responsive programming for girls in the juvenile justice system. Her most recent book on girls’ use of violence, Fighting for Girls (co-edited with Nikki Jones), won an award from the National Council on Crime and Delinquency.
Deborah Jiang Stein
Deborah Jiang-Stein is a national speaker and founder of The unPrison Project a 501(c)3 nonprofit working to empower incarcerated women and girls with life skills and mentoring to prepare for a successful life after prison. Deborah is the author of the memoir, Prison Baby, published by Beacon Press, described as “One woman's struggles—beginning with her birth in prison—to find self-acceptance, proving that redemption and healing are possible, even from the darkest corners.”
Linda Lentini
Linda Lentini is a well-known advocate who has walked through many paths in life including incarceration and hospitalization and shares her story of hope and resiliency throughout Connecticut. As a person with lived experience she is well aware of the struggles that many women have faces that have experienced trauma. She will share examples of how being resilient gave her the ability to not only survive her past but thrive to be the person she is today.
In My Shoes - Performance
Performance by Judy Dworin Performance Project who through spoken word, dance and song represents the voices of women in and outside of prison. Featuring women from York Correctional who have reentered the community and the ensemble of the Judy Dworin Project the performance at the Infinity Music Hall and Theater is an authentic, provocative, and soul-searching journey.
Life After Manson - Film
Four decades after one of the world’s most notorious crimes, Patricia Krenwinkel, a Manson Family member breaks her silence to reveal how a series of choices led to ultimate destruction. Film viewing on Monday, October 12 will be moderated by Stephanie Covington, PhD and Barbara Bloom, PhD
Healing Arts Space
Healing Art space run by the Toivo Center program at Advocacy Unlimited, will include yoga and other activities to bring positive energy to relax and facilitate learning. Incorporating the mind, body, and spirit, is important for renewal as we discuss the sensitive topics of criminal justice.
Kim Carter - Power of One Award
Kim Carter this year's Power of One Award Recipient.
Artwork from CPA: Prison Arts Progra
Artwork from Community Partners in
Action’s : Prison Arts Program

Pierlette Jones - Shattered Self-Image
Modern American Folk Music Concert
Modern American Folk Music Concert in a Coffeehouse Setting: Lara Herscovitch
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